If you have always been interested in making something with your own hands, but not necessarily progressing to power tools and carpentry, perhaps crafts are for you.

It’s a shame that after kindergarten, we rarely get to experiment with arts and crafts.  However just like adults are re-discovering the fun of childhood with offerings like Adult Summercamp, you can now re-discover your love of craft time with craft classes throughout the city.

We’ve gone ahead and picked out a few of our favorites, so you can decide for yourself.  Enjoy!

#1 Craftjam

Craftjam seems to get it.  They know that crafts are a (guilty?) pleasure of many adults, and they seek to attract that audience, helping often cynical New Yorkers break down their hard facade and express their inner joy.

Oh yeah, and they allow you to bring beer.

Beer works, too!

Not all classes are BYOB, so check their schedule on their site.  Located in Soho, it is quite a quaint little storefront.

Visit Craftjam Website.

#2 Glass Blowing at BrooklynGlass

Nerd out, bro.

I’m gonna go out and say it.  This is some hipster shit.  But it’s so cool it gets a big ol’ pass from me.

Blowing liquid glass into your own stuff? Who does that!?

This is great for those that want to make their very own custom “tobacco” pipe.  We see you.

Not for the faint of heart, since you are dealing with liquid glass, there is some danger involved, but Brooklyn Glass has been going it at for a long time and they seem to know what they are doing.

Check out there website for more info and schedule.

#3 Brooklyn Craft Company

Another banger from the borough of the beardos, the Brooklyn Craft Company has a wide range of craft classes for your repressed inner child.  From Sewing, to Weaving and Dyeing, to even Paper Crafts, (cricut machines anyone??)

The calendar is totally packed, so you’ll have no problem finding a class.

View website here.

#4 Candle Making at some French Shit

Candle making is dope. The actual way candles work is mindblowing.  If you just thought it was a string in some wax, well, you were right, but it’s also got something called cappillary action and the evaporation of wax pulls up more wax just as its melted, in a gentle balance that keeps a flame burning for like DAYS at a time. It’s some high jingo going on.

This class is from the unproncouncable L’Atelier Creatif, and you learn how to make naturally scented candles on your own.

For those that want an extra fire hazard in their cramped NYC apartment, and also like for your apartment to smell like expensive soap, go for it!