Israeli Folk Dance: What to Expect

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A lot of Jewish people who are trying to connect to their roots are usually doing Israeli folk dancing. If it is your first time to attend an event that requires you to wear your dancing shoes, what exactly should you be expecting?

For starters, there will be Hebrew songs. Folk dances are also choreographed and may have different forms. For instance, you might be dancing in circle or in line. There are also some folk dances that require you to do individual dances or dancing with a partner.

Jewish culture has a great history of dances. In fact, it has been referred to many times both in the Bible and in the Talmud.

Among the most popular dances that you might experience is the Horah. This dance predates the state of Israel. It has been introduced in 1924. It has become an iconic dance and is performed in in Israeli folk songs. It is also the most common type of dance during both Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Another Israeli folk dance is the Tza’ad Temani. This is a three-step dance that is executed before a short pause. To give you an idea how the dance looks like, it can be done right, left, forward, and back steps.

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